Why Do People Like to Buy So Much?

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Hello all:   This is Frank. Why do people like to buy so many materials? People like to spend their hard-earned cash on frivolous material, that only seems to go out-of-date in a few years, let alone a few months. Why do you choose to obtain so many items that will only satisfy your wants for only a few moments? There are those of your friends that always seem happy in their Instagram posts, Twitter posts, Facebook posts, and all their social media posts. Do they not seem so happy, because they are always being professionally happy (i.e. Life seems to be so swell for them)? They cannot look depressed online, because it is not a good professional look. However, they are open to being extremely happy, and seem to have everything go their way. However, it is nothing but fluff, most of the time. It makes sense, because most of the depressing people never really have anything to show for their honesty, except for being the butt of many jokes and/or ridiculed for being pessimistic. However, I am not saying that being pessimistic is key to being honest and real. For example, you can be perfectly content with posting information about yourself, making yourself seem so happy and jolly, but it is highly unlikely that you experiencing a sense of euphoria every single time you breathe in some air. Therefore, there are times when you will naturally be less jolly. However, this seems to be a state of conflict, because it is as though being completely happy is supposed to be normal. The need for being happy all the time usually results in the consumption of items that end up making people feel happy... This only results in an over-consumption of materials, leading to increased depression. The newest gadget only makes you happy for so long, until the 2.0 version of the same gadget comes out, leading you to want to purchase that gadget as well. I remember when I had a Blackberry phone, if you still remember, and the Motorola Razor was all the rage. Everybody had it because of its sleek design and the coolness of flipping it back and forth. However, the Motorola Razor quickly, and I mean quickly, fell out of style within a year, when the iPhone started to capture market share. I still remember when I first saw people with the iPhone, claiming how cool it was and how there was an app store for you to buy things on the phone. That was the "it-phone", until the 2nd generation of phones came out, making the first generation of phones become obsolete. It is crazy how the first generation iPhone made the Motorola Razor back out, but the 2nd generation iPhone made the 1st generation back out. People kept needing the newest phone, with the newest gadgets, with the newest interfaces, which led to them buying the ever-changing phones that kept evolving. While this is good for the economy, it is also quick depressing for the quality of life that arose after phones became the sort of norm. I will talk about that in a later post....

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