Why Do People Like to Buy So Much? (Part 2)

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Just look at this Youtube video that has to do with consumerism in the world, not just in America. Some of the material was a little unnecessary, such as the showing of fast-food workers making burgers. They have to make burgers for people to eat them; therefore, showing them in making burgers in fast-forward will not make it any worse than showing the workers making the burgers in faster tempo. For example, when you make three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for yourself, just because you show it while going in fast-forward, does not immediately make you some overdone consumer. However, the end of the video does show a huge example of consumerism, with pretty big individuals eating fast-food, which does not help with their weight problem. However, that might not be a problem of consumerism as it is a problem of health choices. The grocery example of being many items of Costco products does show the desire of Americans to buy many, any items that are not necessary. This quick little video is only geared towards making sure that you understand a little bit about consumerism. As a piggyback off of my previous post, when you notice people who are so glued towards their new technology, it becomes a quite interesting find. I have seen tables of people in a school cafeteria, where every person in at the table (I assume they are friends) is glued towards their cell phone. Their face is glued towards the screen, and there is not an entire word that is sent. People are hooked onto their instant messages, their notifications, their updates, their likes, their friends, their online friends, their friends that they have not even seen before, let alone trust them with personal information. This is starting to get a little carried away, but there is a subtle truth that needs to be said about what is going on. As consumerism advanced, it went from becoming just a matter of catching up to becoming about "me, me, me". What will others think if I do not get that new device that will promise me happiness? What will others think if I can not call them on this new app that is only purchased through this new phone? What will others think......? These are the questions of someone who is highly inconsiderate of themselves and only serves to judge their net worth based on what others think of them. This can be true to an extent, because if absolutely no person respects you, then what you say may not mean anything to any one. However, your entire net worth cannot be based entirely on external factors, because it will be impossible to keep up. The real joy and solution to your problem is to stay true to yourself and serve to become the best that you can be. Getting a new phone is definitely not the way to become the best that you can be, because there have been many other generations before us that have been able to live life fine before the word cell phone even existed. Therefore, it is unnecessary to invest in the latest gadgets, devices, limo rides, or dental hygiene to look and be your best. Be sure to always do what you can to be the best that you can be...

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