Why Do People Like to Buy So Much? (Part 3)

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In order to rid yourself of the common and annoyingly annoying habit of overconsumption, you need to understand what it means to enjoy the simple life. To really get to that point in life, you have to understand what your ideal state would be. You need to identify what you end state has to be, so that you can achieve it. If you have nothing to aim for, you will have no way to measure progress. (more…)

Why Do People Like to Buy So Much? (Part 2)

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Just look at this Youtube video that has to do with consumerism in the world, not just in America. Some of the material was a little unnecessary, such as the showing of fast-food workers making burgers. They have to make burgers for people to eat them; therefore, showing them in making burgers in fast-forward (more…)

Why Do People Like to Buy So Much?

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Hello all:   This is Frank. Why do people like to buy so many materials? People like to spend their hard-earned cash on frivolous material, that only seems to go out-of-date in a few years, let alone a few months. Why do you choose to obtain so many items that will only satisfy your wants for only a few moments? There are those of your friends that always seem happy in their Instagram posts, Twitter posts, Facebook posts, and all their social media posts. Do they not seem so happy, because they are always being professionally happy (i.e. Life seems to be so swell for them)? They cannot look depressed online, (more…)

Our First Post

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Hello everybody. This is the first post on BestAmericanBuy.com, and we are here to say that we are glad that you all are the first among thousands that have scrolled through our site! We hope to give you all a great time, and have a great experience. Please scroll through our About Page, Contact Page, and Terms and Conditions Page, so that you may indeed get accustomed with how things are run on this website. Hopefully, you all enjoy yourself, and we are glad that you took the time to come to this website. Enjoy!