One of the people I analyze is Caleb, from He brings out a bunch of great information that I cannot help but admire. He mentions many great business people who built out their success. There are many things I learned, such as wanting to get the success that you DESERVE, not feel entitled. He mentioned how the number one sign of failure for entrepreneurs was narcissism. They felt entitled, as though the world owed them something. Because, you feel entitled, you do not go about the extra distance to make it worth your while, you just sit stagnantly on your behind, hopefully waiting to have it come to you. You do not prospect, send emails, and work your hardest to make your dream come true.     This is why it is so important for you to go against the grain, and work even harder and harder to achieve your goals. Aside from this stereotypical rant, I will tell you some lessons I learned from Caleb at Giving away materials for free and then profiting on the back-end is a great way to achieve business success. Pat Flynn is a well-known internet marketer, who upon having a terrible engineer career, actually landed himself a very great internet marketing career. He has made millions and has used some of that vast wealth to do some amazing things, such as build buildings for people in Africa, I believe. For all I know, some random millionaire could have given money to my dentist over at Chantilly to help with the startup, because dental practices are not everyday businesses that are made.   One common thing I learned from many millionaires, whether they be internet marketers or rappers or new businessmen, are that they had to grind hard to get their name, brand, or product out there. Once they finally got to where they needed to go, they finally were able to kick it into autopilot, because they were able to ride off the momentum. When you go hard for so long, you just get used to that speed and intensity. Shortly afterwards, you end up "cruising" at a speed that is still fast for many people. Grant Cardone is a very great example of this, in my opinion.    
    One of the things that stuck with me while reading one of Caleb's posts was that the mindset is the real determining factor in the success or failure of any entrepreneur. If you go into war thinking, "Well, the success rate of living through a battle is only 10%", you surely are not going to be in that 10%. Setting your mind up for failure is the same thing as setting yourself up for failure. A familiar phrase that I still remember to this day is called Watch. It goes like "Watch your thoughts, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your habits. Watch your habits, they become your character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny." This phrase is simple to remember, but powerful to understand. What you think ultimately becomes your destiny.     Rene Descartes said a famous phrase: "I think, therefore I am." Even though I believe he means that he is indeed living because he can think, I twist it to feel that what I think makes me what I am. What you think with every single day for the rest of your life will be what ultimately drives you to be the person you end up becoming. This is actually a powerful statement that has shaped my mentality in regards to life.